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Video Streaming

Stream Your Story: A Unique Story-to-video Opportunity with NewsUSA

NewsUSA has built our business on syndicated feature content to newspapers and news sites, guaranteeing media placement for out clients. Now, we are doing the same in the streaming video ecosystem.

Meet NewsUSA TV

A new “connected TV” channel streaming feature news content that provides NewsUSA clients a new way to reach audiences, across all the screens they use.

Convert Your NewsUSA Syndicated Story to Streaming Video

We create 30 second text-based video from your syndicated story to stream on NewsUSA TV, providing marketers with new avenues to reach audiences, across all the screens they use.
These videos, combined witha large range of other feature video content from media partners, will run on NewsUSA TV channel on streaming platforms such as Roku, AmazonFire TV, YouTube TV and Android TV. Through media distribution partnerships, the NewsUSA TV stream will also feed to content sharing apps and sites including Flipboard, News, Daily Motion, Snibble and more.

Your Story

Your Video

The Explosion of Connected TV and its Value to Marketers

If you’re watching a movie on Netflix, a show on Hulu or a video on YouTube TV, then you’ve used connected TV (CTV) – streaming video content that is increasingly popular because it offers consumers a way to watch television and video content across a multitude of screens – TV, computer, tablet, and smart phone.

Consumers are drawn to streaming as it requires no cables or satellite subscription and puts video content at their fingertips. Marketers are drawn to streaming as new channels open up access to new audiences. NewsUSA TV takes advantage of both, with “verticals” in health, travel, finance, and entertainment to customize content delivery to audience interest. NewsUSA TV streams it’s own news feature video together with other news, as well as feeds its videos to hundreds of other streaming sites as part of media partnerships.

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