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Syndicated Radio Features

Make your message come alive with radio

How Radio Amplifies Your Brand Messages

In addition to branded content mat releases, NewsUSA also develops, records and syndicates radio news releases (RNRs, sometimes called audio news releases or ANRs). These are scripted and professionally pre-recorded :60 second news feature segments that get played on radio shows across the country via NewsUSA’s radio syndicate network. 

Much like our mat release process, we work with our clients to develop radio releases that read like feature news stories to blend naturally with radio news content.

RNRs are an engaging way to educate radio listeners with information about your brand, service or campaign call-to-action and are a terrific supplement to your mat release. Take advantage of awareness months and seasonal opportunities to get your story on the radio.

Boost the reach and impact of your mat release with a radio news release.

What We Guarantee


Minimum Number of Airings

14 Million

Guaranteed cumulative reach of the news sites each month

If you don’t get at least 600 airings within four months, we’ll give you a free make-good – no questions asked.

All-Inclusive Price Gets You

  • Scripting, production & recording: Our writers’ expertise at crafting a script that reads and feels like a radio feature news story (and not a blatant ad, which dramatically reduces the likelihood of pick-up.) Recording of the radio news segment in a sound studio with professional voice-over talent.
  • Distribution: Our radio spots are sent to stations in our radio syndicate nationwide, who then have the option to air the spots in their original MP3 format or do “readers” from the accompanying RBR scripts we provide.
  • Comprehensive reporting: full metrics reach and value reports (including total airplays and ad equivalency value).
  • Free MP3 copy of the spot that you can post on your site, share on social media, etc.

Contact NewsUSA to discuss pricing, seasonal specials and series bundle discounts. 

Not sure when to run your radio news release? Take advantage of awareness months and other seasonal opportunities.

Radio News Release Example

"Which Upgrades Are Worth It to Help You Sell Your House?"

Client: GAF

close up of news story of tablet

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