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Metrics Reporting

Metrics reporting that provides proof of each media placement to capture our value and make you look good.

We understand your reporting needs. You need to report into internal and external clients, into marketing teams.

You need to account for your budget and spend.

You want metrics. You want proof of media pick-up.

We make this easy for you with reports that not only show you cumulative pick-up and reach figures, but that deliver proof of each placement with live hyperlinks.

How can we guarantee our content placement and reach? Because we show you.

As a NewsUSA client, you have access to your media pick-up reports online within 24-48 hours of mat release issuance. Reports are provided as PDFs for easy viewing, and in Excel, so that you have the ability to change your views and formats (to sort pick-ups by circulation, by state, etc.). 

Most importantly, we don’t just tell you about the coverage. Our reports include live links to each of our 2,500+ placements that you can click on and view with your own eyes and easily share with your teams.

Leverage our reports to showcase the value of content marketing to your customers, investors and sales team. 

Many clients have told us that they share a collection of the local articles with their regional sales teams, who get excited to see their product/service in the local news and use the piece as a door-opening localized sales tool. 

Coverage in local and national news channels not only educates and mobilizes consumers, but also is a good tool to interest potential investors and/or to demonstrate to stakeholders and partners how your content marketing efforts are supporting their efforts.

See how marketers have maximized the value of our mat releases on our case studies page.

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Guaranteed placements. Guaranteed reach.

Reporting that captures our value by documenting each media pick-up.

What Clients Say About Our Results Reporting

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