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Case Studies

The value of content marketing extends well beyond audience reach and media pick-up.

NewsUSA clients have successfully leveraged the visibility and credibility of our media placements as market support tools to drive sales, support customers and interest investors.  

How can you best leverage your mat release and extract the most value?

The Power of Content Marketing: Case Studies

Content marketing as customer support tool

Biotechnology company reaps investment benefits by showcasing its support of business partners

Content marketing to build credibility, drive sales & interest investors

Financial tech company builds visibility, credibility for new digital banking app

Content marketing for investor interest and employee engagement

Music innovator start-up raises seed money, explains impact of technology and engages new employees gained through acquisition

Content marketing as a sales tool

Winery boosts orders by showing distributors news coverage in local markets

Content marketing to access new consumer segments

Niche travel company reaches new publications and consumer segments

Content marketing for social media impact

Internet marketer’s posting of local news stories boosts site traffic and sign-ups

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