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Content Creation

Let our syndicated content marketing tools convert your brand messages into educational feature news articles that can inspire action.

You need reliable press coverage to expand your reach and exposure, and you need it now for your brand, your product, or your awareness/education campaign. But reporters send calls straight to voicemail, making it difficult to “pitch” your story. Outreach emails and Tweets go unanswered. 

Sound familiar? 

“Earned media” is difficult to get, and direct outreach to reporters and editors can be time-consuming…and expensive.

Working with NewsUSA, you can bypass editors and get your brand, your message and your story on news sites. Guaranteed placement and guaranteed reach.

Let NewsUSA create and syndicate out your content, reach 2,500 news outlets, make an impression on your audiences and gain millions of impressions for your brand and brand messages.

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Our Specialty: Content Marketing via Mat Releases

At NewsUSA, we specialize in creating and distributing consumer-friendly syndicated feature news stories – often called “mat” or “matte” releases.

When we adapt your content and messages into a mat release, it looks and reads like a “real” news story. Then via our content syndication network, we distribute it to 2,500+ media outlets – with guaranteed pick up. Amplification, in action.

Content marketing isn’t advertising. It isn’t disruptive like a pop-up ad, or ignorable to consumers like ads on webpages. Rather, it’s your content and messaging that – with NewsUSA assistance – is adapted into consumer friendly news feature stories that run together with news stories. It’s incorporating your messages as part of the news, rather than as a display ad accompanying the news.

Using the platform of mat releases – essentially sponsored, syndicated news stories – we create engaging, valuable and action-oriented content that looks, feels and reads like a news story. The content feels “native” to where it’s running, compared to a display ad. But like an ad, you entirely control the message. Working with our team of writers (former journalists), we embed your brand messages within a consumer news feature that lives within credible news sites.

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