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ASSOCIATIONS & NON-PROFITS Amplify the Reach & Visibility of Your Consumer Outreach Campaigns

NewsUSA content syndication has helped hundreds of associations, foundations, and nonprofits gain national media exposure for consumer education, awareness, and advocacy campaigns.

We make it easy.

  • We develop engaging feature stories based on key messages you provide and story angles we collaboratively discuss and develop.
  • Our team of journalists write it. You edit, approve and select your distribution date.

We get your PR/education/awareness campaigns national media visibility.


We guarantee results.

  • We run your story on our national syndicate, which guarantees that your story will be placed on 2,500+ local news sites spanning all 50 states + top 100 US cities.
  • This assures media pick-up of your story in local news outlets that consumers read and trust and generates tons of local news clips to share with your members, donors, supporters, stakeholders, employees, C-suite, and more.
  • We offer nonprofit-friendly pricing.

  • Our cost-effective pricing and series discounts make national media visibility affordable to nonprofit budgets.
  • Be among those nonprofits whose stories, messages and impacts get picked-up on news sites across the country, like:

    American Wind Energy Association

    featured the expert voice of its CEO to highlight the economic benefits of offshore wind and mobilize consumers to voice support for clean energy to elected officials.

    American Society of Mechanical Engineers

    ran a series of thought leadership articles from its President as part of initiatives to give more visibility to the profession and recruit more women and minorities into the field.

    Global Liver Institute

    shared patient stories as part of its “Beyond the Biopsy” campaign to educate consumers, regulators, legislators, and payers about less-invasive alternatives to liver biopsy.

    American Hiking Society

    took advantage of National Trails Day (June) to encourage Americans appreciate the outdoors, take a hike, and voice support for the “Transit to Trails Act.”

    Toys for Tots

    ran a series to highlight its year-round programs as part of its rebranding initiative seen as more than just a holiday-driven organization.

    National League of Nurses

    promoted the value of nurse educators and drove awareness of career paths within profession.

    Case Studies

    Toys for Tots

    Toys for tots

    Special Competitive Studies Project

    National League of Nurses

    Let’s get your amplification started and your brand boosted!​

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