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Trying to generate news coverage with a press release?

We have a better idea.

When was the last time your press releases generated satisfactory news coverage?

We communications and PR pros know that newsrooms get bombarded with thousands of releases each day, few of which achieve actual press coverage. Yet our marketing teams and clients still often insist on them for visibility.

Here’s the problem: 

Consumers don’t read press releases.
They read newspapers and trusted news sites.

Let us help you get past the queue of press releases and tell your story directly to consumers on the news sites they read and trust.

 How? Via sponsored story syndication:

·      Replace the corporate-speak of press releases with feature news stories to tell your brands' stories to consumers, not to newsroom editors. Work with NewsUSA to craft your campaign messages into informative, engaging sponsored feature news stories that blend seamlessly in with the news sites that we syndicate to.

·      Get your story on 2,000+ news sites across the country, guaranteed. The NewsUSA syndicate places your story directly on the websites of the thousands of newspaper, TV and radio news outlets in our network. Results reports include hyperlinks and screen grabs of each placement– making it easy for you to share and showcase the media pick-up you’ve achieved with your marketing team… your sales team… your clients… your customers... your investors... your employees…

·      Engage consumers through multiple story angles, with promotional pricing that enables you to run a series of stories at a highly discounted rate. Take advantage of opportunities for thought leadership by running by-lined features from your C-suite, broadening visibility and building trust.

    Give us the chance to send over pricing and a proposal to show how content syndication with NewsUSA can boost your PR and marketing campaigns, expand reach and drive consumer engagement. Schedule a 15 minute consultation for a proposal and pricing customized to your needs.

    The News USA Guarantee: If you don’t receive at least 2,000 media placements of your story then we’ll run another for you for free. (Remember, there’s no do-over with a press release!).

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