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Guaranteed Story Placement in ALL Top 100 US Cities by population including: New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Houston, Phoenix, San Antonio, Philadelphia, San Diego, Dallas, Austin, San Jose, Fort Worth, Jacksonville, Charlotte, Columbus, Indianapolis, San Francisco, Seattle, Denver, Washington, Boston, El Paso, Nashville, Oklahoma City, Las Vegas and more.

Media placements

Placements include well known media such as:

Minneapolis Star Tribune, The Arizona Republic, St. Louis Post Dispatch, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, San Diego Union-Tribune, Buffalo News, Boston Herald, Northwest Indiana Times, International Business Times and more.

Better Reach

*Guaranteed on 2,400+ US news sites

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  1. Upload into NewsFLOW portal your article and pics or materials and we will clean up or our top journalists will write for you in the portal

  2. You click publish to our network of 2,400+ news sites

  3. Check or download your excel report of placements with reach and value metrics

“We were very impressed at the reach, the fact that the story links generated were not hidden but found. Was a great way to reach a lot of consumers to supplement our earned media program.”

Scott Robertson, APR, Founder, Robertson Communications
“A big plus was getting notoriety in big-name publications around the country.. was very impressive. The results were great since we were able to derive real business from people reading about us, but we were able to post our website and literature that we were in these publications. The credibility was perfect.”

-Bryan Thornberg, CEO, Higher Images
“My experience was amazing the team was easy to work with explained everything and made it turnkey for us to deliver great results. I was surprised with how easy it all was from start to finish.”

Tony Cordaro, Project Manager, KEF Media
Clients from start ups staking credibility and backlinks to brands providing 50 states media marketing support to their troops and stakeholders to Associations and Charities showing their members and volunteers and donors they are promoting their messages where their people are, backed up by documented proof.
Adding backlinks from high domain authority news sites can increase site traffic dramatically.
One syndicated media story can increase sales dramatically.

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