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Why NewsUSA

The Content Syndication Experts, Serving Our Clients in Denver for Over 30 Years

Reason 1: Guaranteed reach of your brand messages to a mass nationwide audience


guaranteed placements

200+ Million

guaranteed reach

Need we say more?


For more than two decades, NewsUSA has been helping businesses in Denver gain national media exposure.

Why do companies, associations, nonprofits and PR agencies in Denver partner with NewsUSA for their content marketing and content syndication needs? 

NewsUSA guarantees 2,000+ placements of your mat release or listicle via our national syndication network, including the mile high Metro Area. This network – the largest in the mat release space – guarantees reach to more than 200+ million unique visitors per month. We take care of everything – story development, distribution & reporting – so that you can look like a hero and your brand can reap the visibility rewards.

Reason 2:
Largest syndication network in the business

We are strategically partnered with 2,000+ news sites to guarantee visibility of your brand and your messages in communities across the country. This network includes newspaper sites, local TV and radio news affiliates and college publications.

Your syndicated mat release or listicle is automatically placed in the online newsfeed of each outlet, meaning you are guaranteed placement in all of them and the 200+ million monthly viewers their sites reach. 

Learn more about our amplification.

Reason 3:
Results reports that let you showcase success

We don’t just tell you about your reach and media placements, we show you. NewsUSA results reports include:

-a hyperlink to each pick-up

-screen grabs of each pick-up 

-reach metrics of each site

-ad equivalence value of each placement

Your initial reports are available online within 72 hours of story issuance.

Learn more about our reporting.

Reason 4:

With the downsizing of newsroom staff, media publishers have an increasing need for reliable copy to augment and supplement news sites beyond what their small team of reporters can provide. That means they’re hungry for high-quality, ready-to-use content from trusted sources. 

Our mat releases and listicles get your message out in an engaging feature news style that is consistent with the sites we syndicate to. 

Publishers and editors trust us to provide legitimate and engaging content. You trust us to develop stories that engage and educate readers while subtlety weaving in your messages and call to action. 

Reason 5:
All-inclusive pricing with a satisfaction guarantee

Our pricing is all-inclusive. The price of each story (or series of stories) includes the writing and editing, SEO optimization and back links. “Extras” like photos or even embedded videos are included in our all-inclusive, client-friendly pricing.

We are so confident in the ability of our syndicate that we offer a 100% satisfaction guaranteed or another syndicated story free.

Content marketing with NewsUSA mat will help you gain market credibility and put your product or campaign messages in front of an audience of millions.

Our Risk-Free Guarantee: We are so confident in the ability of our syndicate that we offer a NUSA placement guarantee: if your story doesn’t receive the number of placements we guarantee, you get another syndicated story FREE.

Let’s get your amplification started and your brand boosted!​

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